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Viva Continental Deli

Formerly know as Viva Gourmet (Fine Foods), our long standing client approached us to refresh his brand. The retail market has changed considerably and looking to refresh the name and brand to be more approachable and friendly and move away from the haughty connotations the existing brand carried. The new brand needed to appeal to a younger demographic and to be seen as having value, save time and above all convenient.

The days of the corner continental deli are long gone and in many ways, so is good old-fashioned service. With customers more aware of where their food is sourced from and wanting to develop more of a connection with a particular brand we decided that VIVA Gourmet (Fine Foods) becomes recognised as “VIVA Continental” to help promote the VIVA brand and experience as positive and feel good.

Continental Deli is a long established food retailer providing excellence in service, quality, variety, freshness, cleanliness and convenience. It is truly continental - stocking a huge and diverse range of products from smallgoods, antipasto, cheeses and breads to condiments, cakes, biscuits and so much more.