Award Winning Film Documentary - Agniyogana

Agniyogana is a documentary made by Emma Balnaves, an internationally respected teacher of the traditional forms and philosophies of Hatha Yoga. After decades of study and research in yoga, Emma began incorporating the full spectrum of the yogic process in her teaching. She was inspired to create Agniyogana to share the essence of these teachings and bring greater understanding to all aspects of the practice. 

This film is a meditative inquiry into the lost art of classical Hatha Yoga and is an experiential collage of action and stillness, light and darkness, sound and silence. Agniyogana explores the richness of traditional Hatha Yoga teachings and takes the viewer on a journey through time and space to rediscover the inner dimensions of Hatha Yoga and the true meaning of yoga.

This project was a long time in gestation and initially we were approached by Emma to design a visual journal documenting the places she had visited and the experiences she’d encountered whilst making the film. This publication was then offered as a gift to the many supporters who helped crowd-fund the making of the documentary.

We joined the crew as official graphic designers and were responsible for creating a seamless visual narrative for Agniyogana across all areas of communication. This included the design and layout of film titles that would complement the rich tapestry of imagery and provide pauses for reflection between each theme. Once the documentary was completed, a strong suite of promotional material was required to effectively “sell” the documentary and build awareness to not only the target audience, but also distributors, agents and relevant Film Festivals.

The tagline of Agniyogana, “Lower the Head and Invoke the Fire,” became central to the design concept and aesthetic direction. We needed a bold and dynamic solution to communicate succinctly the complexities and meaning of the documentary - that Agniyogana is an invitation to bow to the fire within each of us. This was captured through a typographic approach that visually depicts the essence of the documentary. It captures the invocation of the inner fire and invites further contemplation into the origins of yoga. This concept has been extended into all collateral - including posters, press kits, promotional postcards and digital platforms. We are so thrilled to be involved in realising Emma’s project, an incredible team effort that has already resulted in offical selection into 5 international film festivals and winner of 2!

Film Titles