BHP Blue Duck Interpretive Installation

We were engaged by BHP to activate The Blue Duck pub at Prominent Hill with an interpretive signage installation designed to resonate with both stakeholders and BHP workers. Our primary goal was to capture and present the unique story of Mount Eba Station in an engaging and dynamic manner. To achieve this, we conducted thorough research and developed a compelling narrative, collaborating closely with the current owners of Mount Eba Station to validate and fact-check key points.

Our extensive research uncovered numerous fascinating articles and characters, which allowed us to craft a detailed chronological timeline of Mount Eba Station's vibrant history. We then expanded our concept design into a striking visual narrative that highlights significant events and interesting facts. In addition to crafting the narrative, we sourced appropriate supporting imagery from archives and acquired relevant objects and artefacts to feature in the installation. These elements were carefully selected to enhance and activate The Blue Duck pub environment, thereby generating a positive user experience.The main objective of this project was to create a storytelling installation that enriches BHP's stakeholders and provides their people with insightful knowledge about their neighbours.

Stakeholder Consultation & Coordination
Research & Investigation
Narrative Development
Conceptual Design & Implementation
Sourcing of Artefacts