CanDo Caper

CanDo Caper is an fun team fundraising event run by the Can:Do Group to raise money for its charities - Can:Do 4 Kids and Deaf Can:Do.

The event was inspired by the cult television show ‘The Amazing Race.’ The original graphic device featured a ‘running man ’ which made the event look more like a marathon or fitness event, rather than a fun, interactive one. After consultation and focus groups with staff, volunteers and past participants of the event, the ‘CanDo Caper’ was born.

Detour developed a brand for the event that reflected the antics, frolicking, fun and games of the event. The meaning of the word ‘caper’ = lark, tomfoolery, escapade, shenanigans, monkey business, horse around, frolic, whoop it up, let loose, mischief…informed the visual representation of the CanDo Caper - a series of cheerful and cheeky monkey illustrations.

This was an ideal solution as it accurately reflected the fun and unique nature of the event. It was cheeky, it made you smile, it was engaging and it was designed with flexibility in mind, as there were a variety of monkey poses and expressions created for the range of applications required including newsletters, signage, website and merchandise.

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