Can:Do Group

The Can:Do Group exists to support South Australian adults and children who are vision or hearing impaired. Its two charities Can:Do 4 Kids and Deaf Can:Do are SA’s oldest working charities, established in 1874.

Detour developed a brand and strategy to promote the Can:Do Group as the umbrella brand under which a plethora of other brands/products and services could be positioned. It was important to embrace the existing brand equity and use as the foundation from which to streamline all of the Can:Do Group brandmarks.

Due to the sensitive nature of the project, consideration was given to a variety of target markets including internal staff, donors/
supporters, clients, general public and media.

We rebranded all aspects of the Can:Do Group in an holistic manner and consolidated the visual strategy to successfully communicate an engaging, inclusive and cohesive brand. This approach also allowed for easy inclusion of other initiatives and products and ultimately provided a cost effective solution for the long term.

The Can:Do brandmark is a unique arrangement of letterforms that reveal a positive smiling face.

It is a universal symbol that portrays laughter, joy, elation...which encapsulates the Can:Do Group philosophy and reinforces the Can:Do attitude and values.

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