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Edwardstown Carpets (EC) are a specialist producer of quality broadloom tufted carpets throughout Australia & New Zealand. Their unique position as a boutique manufacturer allows them the flexibility to design and create quality, innovative yet practical products at the forefront of colour & textural trends and environmental demands.

EC is a long standing loyal client of Detour, spanning several decades. Over this time Detour has been responsible for the promotion and positioning of EC through strategic branding, packaging, digital marketing and image-making.

Detour has developed a range of practical packaging solutions for EC Group - from carpet swatches to product sample boards - that would reinforce brand integrity and have good presence in architecture and interior design studios as well as the retail environment.

Detour has been responsible for developing a visual language for EC through creative art direction of photoshoots. These images have been used across industry advertising material such as Architectural magazines and journals, product brochures and flyers to website, banners, carpet selectors and carpet swatches. They have been instrumental in the success of their products performance and reinforcing the innovative nature of the EC brand.

To meet with increasing demands from customers, Detour was faced with the huge task of designing an intuitive and accurate product website. It was essential to demonstrate EC’s large product range in a user friendly way as well as capturing the exact colour, texture and physical nuances of their ranges. With such a large range of products, ease of navigation was considered a priority.

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