ESAU: The Artisan Collective

Our brief was to define and develop a unique name and brand for an ethical textiles & sustainable homewares start-up business. ESAU: The Artisan Collective captures our client Claudia's hunter/gather instincts - a perfect brand to promote and sell a unique collection of vintage homewares and luxury textiles with a strong focus on sustainability - products that don't cost the earth. Our client divides her time between Bali and Australia and is committed to supporting artisan communities in Indonesia through the commissioning of textiles. It was important that the brand aesthetic consider both aspects of the business.

Inspired by artisan textiles, pattern and shape, each letter of ESAU was structured on a grid to create a bold aesthetic. Each letter is unique in its shape and proportion creating a bespoke brandmark. The modular nature lends itself beautifully to dynamic patterns that reference the weaving process whilst having a distinctly modernist look and feel.  This approach is bold and uncompromising and works well in mono and at a small size - perfect for future applications. Colour palette is based on earthy tones, natural dyes and vintage amber. The brand captures the personality of our client - bold, authentic, passionate and able to weave a great story.

Brand Identity Design