Homestart Finance

HomeStart Finance leads the nation in providing affordable home loans to South Australians - from first home buyer’s to customers looking to refinance. Their purpose is to make home ownership possible. Detour has worked closely and collaboratively with the Homestart Finance Project Team to produce several HomeStart Finance Annual Report - each tailored to represent the year that has been.

2009/10 was a milestone year that celebrated 20 years of Homestart. We combined the 20 year milestone with the theme of home ownership. This “journey“ was visually depicted through strong photographic images that showed the steps taken to home ownership and fulfilment. The use and variety of the house icon for each section helped to reinforce this theme.

2011/12 celebrated the efforts of the hard-working team at Homestart. Photographic portraits of staff and management were taken to represent the service divisions in a personal and inclusive way.

2012/13 expanded on Homestart’s internal communication’s strategy, embracing the collaborative and inclusive working environment depicted through a series of bright and engaging illustrations.

Concept Design
Art Direction