Mercedes College

We were engaged by Mercedes College to revitalise and evolve their visual brand strategy to better align it with their overarching mission of 'Flourish.' 

The goal was to communicate growth, development and foster greater connections within the school community, emphasising Mercedes College as an environment where students, families, teachers and the wider Mercedes College community are nurtured and given space to thrive and 'Flourish.' 

The project aimed to achieve several key outcomes, including the evolution of visual brand standards, the development of internal templates for consistent communication, and the refinement and implementation of the existing 'Flourish' campaign. The creative brief outlined the need for updated design elements, functional templates, and a cohesive visual strategy to reflects the school's progressive, forward-thinking ethos.

A distinctive graphic device in the form of a stylized green leaf shape was developed, symbolic of growth and development - both of the self and of the community. This concept visually depicts the Mercedes College mission statement in a bold, engaging and direct way. The message is easy to understand, it is not compromised.

This leaf device has been seamlessly integrated with imagery, reinforcing the idea that 'Flourish' is integral to every aspect of Mercedes College. It considers the many aspects and interpretations of what it means to 'Flourish' and supports the current and future direction of Mercedes College.

The project also incorporated a specific photographic style, featuring candid shots of students engaged, challenged, and enjoying various activities. The goal was to showcase the inclusive and co-educational nature of Mercedes College, emphasizing gender and cultural diversity. The use of shallow depth of field added dimension to compositions, highlighting the subject while fostering a sense of connection and inclusiveness.

By delivering a set of user-friendly tools and templates, the project aims to ensure consistent, professional, and cohesive communications both internally and externally. This visual strategy not only aligns with the school's mission but provides a fresh and compelling narrative for Mercedes College as it celebrates 70 years of students flourishing and the opening of the new performing arts and sports precinct in 2024. This project has successfully redefined Mercedes College's visual identity, aligning it with the spirit of 'Flourish' and setting the stage for a dynamic and progressive future. 

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