A unique offering to the Adelaide hospitality landscape, Mirra is a Mocktail + Tea Bar, specialising in high tea and capitalising on the growing non-alcoholic market. Located in Adelaide's East End, Mirra is a pretty and intimate space with a central curved bar - feminine in its shape and form - with soft, glowing lighting, luxe wall finishes and a soft pastel colour scheme throughout. Mirra is a vivacious woman who enjoys the finer things in life. She is feminine, fiercly independent, works hard and loves socialising with friends. Mirra is specifically aimed at an adult female market and it was essential the branding reflect this aspect.

The branding concept takes it’s visual cues from the curved nature of the internal bar and established colour schemes. Letter-forms are intentionally lower-case creating an approachable and elegant aesthetic, whilst a muted colour palette of French lavender, lilac and sage green help create a calming sense of relaxation. When repeated in different configurations, the brandmark creates decorative frames, almost lace-like in appearance to help reinforce the brand in a unique and dynamic way. This approach has been extended into internal and external signage, menus and digital applications.

Brand Identity Design