Flinders Medical Centre Garden Interpretive Signage

We were asked to develop a series of interpretive signage panels for the Open Garden in the Older Persons Mental Health Unit (OPMHU) at Flinders Medical Centre. 

This service predominantly caters for people aged 65 years and older and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and older, who have a diagnosable mental health disorders; including psychiatric illness and age related dementia.  

It was essential that design components, colour and typography present information in a understandable, non-threatening and inclusive way that would invite further contemplation and reflection. The signage fabrication also needed to be mindful of the users of the garden.

The Open Garden is called Purka Kangkanthi - Looking After Elders. It was created as a peaceful, inclusive place of respite and an opportunity for interaction with others and the environment. Materials, colours and textures reflect the the Adelaide Plains and local indigenous plants species were used to enhance the seasonal colour and hue of the garden.

Simple, abstract leaf veins, combined with botanical illustrations formed the basis of the design whilst typography was open and friendly. The colours took their cue from the garden plantings and worked harmoniously with the earthy palette of the fence panels that framed the space. 

This project was completed in conjunction with Cheesman Architects.

Concept design