Pure Bastion

Bec & Adam Newman are the founders and brand advocates of Pure Bastion Collagen. Our brief was to develop a unique brand aesthetic and packaging for Pure Bastion that would be visually compelling and aspirational in an already proliferated market. Importantly the packaging needed to appeal to a unisex audience wishing to pursue both an active healthy life whilst maximising and preserving their youth and appearance. Pure Bastion refers to the purity of product and the fortification against ageing - both externally and internally. The challenge was to create a comprehensive visual brand language that would extend across all aspects of the business - from packaging, digital and promotional material.

Pure Bastion celebrates the human body and helps preserve its appearance and function. We saw the opportunity to be original in this space by using photography as a point of difference. We art-directed a series of bodyscapes, each composition quite abstract in its arrangement to capture the sculptural aspect of the body and importantly having unisex appeal. Colour has been used to identify the Active and Beauty Collagen products, and will expand as new products are added. Sustainability was also a factor - keepsake tins are both reusable & recyclable and pouches are made from 100% compostable materials.

Pure Bastion have expanded their offering to include a range of beauty products containing collagen, including lip balms, lip scrubs, hand cream, serums and clay masks. 

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Art Direction + Styling