Roxby Council

We worked with Roxby Council to develop a unique and dynamic logo to represent the organisation and embody their values. Roxby Council needed help in defining who they were and how their sub-divisions were connected to Council. There had been confusion and growing factions within Council - our task was to help provide a more unified and cohesive voice across all areas of the organisation. 
Community, council and stakeholder involvement was vital to the process to gain better insights and truly understand their needs and expectations of Council.

X marks the spot - this concept reinforces Roxby as a vibrant destination and represents the lively Roxby community and is central to how Council operate with the interests of the community at its heart. Roxby Downs landscape has influenced the colour selection. These four colours played an important part in the overall branding strategy to connect all sub-divisions of Council, that included Roxby Water, Roxby Link and Roxby Power. The variety and vibrancy of the colours is dynamic across all design applications. Comprehensive style guides and in-house templates have been created to ensure consistency and integrity of Roxby Council's brand across all areas of communication - both internally and externally.

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design